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Online Recharge Growth Rate

India is the fastest growing mobile market and with the highest number of prepaid subscribers, it is no wonder that a lot of attention was paid to the mobile recharge space. Mobile companies share 3-4% of the recharge value with the dealers and this market is worth more than Rs.4000 crores annually. With technology getting advanced and people providing everything over the internet it is become easy for us to get service at home. The trend of mobile recharge is growing among the customers with the easy ease of access to the internet these days. Online recharge service is for those users who do not have much time.

Growth Rate

Online recharge has a lot of advantages when compared to recharge via vendor recharge shop.

Offline Recharge Store Online Recharge Store
Required more than 50 seconds recharge process Instant Recharges in 5 to 10 seconds
Not Authorized by Telecom operators Directly connected with telecom operators
Required many handset or device to do recharge With single handset or device can do recharge
Success ratio less than 60% More than 99% Success Ratio
Limited Transaction to recharge balance Unlimited transactions
Need to maintain huge infrastructure Required single web portal
Not reliable solution 100% consistent & stable solution
Max 1 recharge at a time Multi recharge can be possible

Stay Connected 24×7:

Online recharge not only provides suitable way of recharging account from home, it also saves time. In today’s world users need to stay connected 24 x 7. In such cases, Online recharge keeps them connected anytime & anywhere.

So you just stay connected no matter wherever you are.

Online recharge facility

In the fast velocity world of Internet, nobody has much time to wait for their turn by standing in queues for recharging prepaid connections or postpaid bill payment. Online recharge Facility is for those people who do not have much time to stand in queue to get recharge their mobile phones. So, without disturbing your current work, you can recharge your prepaid service. RechargeStore – online recharge facility provides you two choices one is prepaid and the other is postpaid. Online Prepaid recharge service keeps you connected everywhere. The customer also takes the recharge as per the necessity from time to time.

In case your balance over when you traveling, still you can recharge easily with credit and debit card. Online recharge has made life very easy and accessible. Online recharge service is valid for DTH services, if your DTH balance gets finished, you can recharge DTH subscription for monthly channel package, monthly saving package and continue to your favorite program.

Mobile phones have contributed the maximum growth in Telecom

Over the past five years telecommunication has grown at a very fast pace. Mobile phones have contributed the maximum in this growth. With the option of prepaid subscription, usage of mobile phones in India has crossed all expectations.

The telecom industry in India is growing at never before speed, and the majority of the expansion and growth is happening in the wireless or mobile segment. Total Mobile Users in India are 98 Cr out of them Prepaid Users in India are 92 Cr and Per Month / Per Person Average Recharge: Rs. 250 As Annual Recharge per Person / Per Year:Rs. 3000

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The method of online mobile recharge is to first register at a RechargeStore website which processes the online transaction. When you open the website page you will need to register by providing your details and mobile number which will be verified by the website with the concerned network. Upon verification you can start prepaid mobile recharge instantly. Now manage your RS account with our web portal. This service helps you manage your prepaid and postpaid transactions online for all the operator services you’ve availed. With RechargeStore, our secure login based option, you can view and pay your bills, pick up recharge services, validity expansion subscriptions and more. You can also recharge data cart and DTH subscription under single login.

RechargeStore have revolutionized the recharge service by providing instant and convenient recharge solutions through our online recharge Platform. Get the best information about prepaid recharge plans. Join with as a retailer, dealer, and distributor and start recharging though RechargeStore.

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